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Melange Geoscience Inc. is a Geoscience Consulting firm with an international clientele.

Founded to provide Geoscience training to the Petroleum Industry and to deliver excellence in Petroleum Exploration Services


Phil Esslinger, P. Geol.
Principal Geoscientist

Phil received a B.Sc. (Geol.) from the University of Calgary, Canada in 1988.


He has over 28 years’ experience in DST analysis and hydrodynamics, 14 years with Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd.* performing local area and basin scale hydrodynamic and hydrochemistry evaluations of Canadian and American sedimentary basins.  


In addition he has over 12 years of Petroleum Exploration experience with EnCana & Cenovus applying hydrodynamics and geological interpretations and mapping for hydrocarbon exploration purposes in both Conventional and Unconventional traps. 


He has a proven track record of finding hydrocarbons, having drilled more than 500 oil and gas wells which have produced more than 1.5 MMBbl of Oil and more than 50 Bcf of gas, including 38 Horizontal Multi-staged Frac’d tight oil wells.

* Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd - a consulting firm offering Hydrodynamic Consulting services to the International Petroleum Industry, now known as Canadian Discovery Ltd.

An active member of the AAPG, CSPG & APEGA


A member of the CSPG’s Hydrogeology Division executive for 9 years and Chaired the division for 3 of those years

Co-Chair of the CSPG’s inaugural Gussow Conference, the CSPG’s equivalent to the AAPG Hedberg specialized topic conferences


General Co-Chair of the 2014 CSPG/CSEG/CWLS GeoConvention and sat on the Board of Directors for the GeoConvention Limited Partnership as one of the CSPG representatives for 2016/2017


Received several awards from the CSPG for his volunteer and professional services to the society


Chaired sessions and given several presentations at conferences and published on Hydrodynamics/Hydrogeology


Retained by multiple corporations as an expert witness on Hydrogeology and Hydrodynamics at several Regulatory Hearings conducted by the Alberta Government

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