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Hugh W Reid - Passed Away March 7, 2018

Melange Geoscience is "taking up the torch" from Hugh Reid and is continuing the tradition of offering the training opportunities developed by Hugh.  Hugh developed and taught these courses over a 30 year career.  Hugh has literally taught thousands of Geologists and Engineers the critical knowledge to interpret DST's and apply that knowledge to exploring for oil and gas.

Hugh's Mission statement was "To Find - and teach clients to find - every possible piece of profitable information hidden in any DST, old or new." 

Melange believes that these courses are a necessary foundation for all oil & gas professionals and need to continue to be offered.


This two day practical seminar is directed at exploration, engineering and drilling personnel concerned with making operational decisions based on DST results or who use DST data in general exploration/exploitation work.  The course is based on understanding all aspects of DST's and numerous examples are presented to gain the knowledge necessary for interpretation.  

Emphasis is placed on practical application and interpretation rather than theoretical derivations of computations.

Fall Session 2017 - Oct 16-18

Spring Session 2018 - Apr 16-18

Spring Session 2021 - TBD

2 Day Course - $1,000 CDN / person

Hydrodynamic Exploration Methods

This 3 day course / workshop teaches and demonstrates the methods and techniques to use Pressure and Fluids Data in petroleum exploration. The objective of this course is to show geologists how to use engineering  and petroleum hydrogeology concepts to find oil and gas, utilizing pressure and fluid analysis data that is often overlooked in standard exploration techniques.

Students gain practical experience by working through class projects that evaluate case histories in western Canada and overseas. In each case a large oil or gas field is 'discovered' using pre-discovery data

Spring Session 2021 - TBD

3 Day Course - $1,500 CDN / person

Bypassed Pay from DST's

Most people believe that when potential pay is missed or bypassed because of pessimistic DST results, it is due to formation damage. However, there are numerous other reasons for overlooking pay from DST results.  Students will learn how to prospect for these using case histories and field examples

Spring Session 2021 - TBD

2 Day Course - $1,000 CDN / person

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